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22 February 18
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High-quality A2 poster: Soph's Stretching Series ~ for athletes ~

Athletes Stretching poster


Who is this poster for?

All athletes of all ages.

Why did I create this poster?

Over the last couple of years, friends, family, and clients would ask me "what stretch can I do for ...?" so I would show them the stretch and get them to do it, but mostly forget after 1 week what they were. Lifes busy remembering to stretch, and how to do it usually isn't high on the priority list. So I thought if I created a poster with specific sections dedicated to targeting main areas then it would help them all remember to stretch regularly. Plus now they can choose the best stretch for them that day, based on how their body is feeling and what is tight.

Where do I put my poster?

Perfect size to put up in your bedroom, gym, club rooms, stretching area's everywhere, then follow the series with your teammates, family, friends or alone to get your 'me time'.

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