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Coach Development

Rowing New Zealand is committed to providing all athletes and participants an enjoyable, safe and rewarding time in our sport.  It is our job to ensure coaches are well equipped and well supported in this endeavour.  Coach development is an ongoing experience and is achieved in many different ways.  Our Coach Development Framework aims to encourage all coaches to continue learning, with Rowing NZ recognising all learning as valuable.

Coaching Framework

The main focus as a coach is delivering appropriately at the right level.  The Rowing New Zealand Coach Development Framework will offer development opportunities for coaches based on the rower community they are coaching.

You can download a copy of the full framework below.

The Rowing NZ Coach Development Framework will encompass two aspects:

  • Formal delivery through coaching workshops from Rowing NZ - New Coach Award through to Extension Opportunities
  • Ongoing Recognition of Learning - informal and formal learning opportunities from sources outside of Rowing NZ which contribute to a coach’s skill set. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Coaches gain experience in their trade in many different ways.  Rowing New Zealand wants to encourage all coaches to continue with their learning and development at a level appropriate to each individual.  Previous learning, however achieved, can significantly contribute towards a person’s level of coaching competency.  Rowing New Zealand will acknowledge prior learning coaches have completed so long as there is a clear connection between the learning opportunity and the impact on the coach.

If you believe you have prior learning which has assisted you as a rowing coach complete the RPL template below along with supporting documentation and send through to the Coach Development Manager.

To enrol in the next available course coaching course, please see the Rowing NZ Calendar here.

For information regarding the coaching courses, please contact the Rowing New Zealand Coach Development Manager.