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Role Appointment: International Pathway Lead

  • 16 Dec 22

At the November Rowing New Zealand Board meeting Mark Weatherall (General Manager and Community Development) and Janey Charlton (Athlete Development Manager) presented an International pathway plan to the board, this plan is designed to work towards full integration of those athletes based aboard, predominantly in the US, but also in other parts of the world.

Two key aspects of the plan include the staging of a Under 23 trial based in the US in 2023 and the establishment of a dedicated position to provide support to those athletes based aboard. The role sits within the current Community and Development pathway team, and will be called the International Pathway Lead.

The role was recently advertised and interviews were conducted in mid-December. As a result of this process, we are proud to announce that Fiona Bourke has been appointed to the role of International Pathway Lead. Fiona has a very strong understanding and background of the US system, along with her in depth knowledge of the National Pathway we are developing across Aotearoa, makes her perfect for this role. This is a very exciting move towards a fully integrated pathway for those athletes who are based offshore.

Fiona will begin in this new role immediately, we will now go to the market for a new National Pathway Lead, after consideration we have made a change to the title of the original Pathway Coach role, the position description is being slightly adjusted, however there will be no major changes made. 

When the recruitment process is completed, we will have two National Pathway leads (Mark Stallard + new person) and Fiona as our International Pathway lead.