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​U23 and U19 World Champs – Day 5

  • 30 Jul 22

Day 5 saw another 3 Repechages and a quarterfinal for our U19s and 6 Finals for our U23s.

To start Day 5 in Varese, Italy at the U19/U23 World Champs in the W2- Repechage our U19 crew of the Wallis twins, Phoebe and Alice got second place which sees them through to the A Final.

The U19 M4- competed in Repechage 1 where our crew of Henry Kirk, Nicholas Bryan, Adam Wilson, and Cameron Macgillivray got fourth. This crew will go through to the C/D semifinal.

Next up in the W8+ Repechage , Nicole Vance, Orla Fitzgerald, Grace Farrell, Jemma Burrowes, Emily Bowden, Siena Snow, Holly Lill, Georgie Bethell and Annabel Wynn-Williams took first place with a time of 6:23.86 and are through to the A Final. And in the quarterfinal of the M2x Edward Botherway and Dylan Burton finished 6th and are through to the C/D Semifinal.

In the U23s our W4+ crew of Holly Mills, Rebecca Leigh, Phoebe Collier, Isobel Eliadis-Watson and Annabel Wynn-Williams came sixth in the A Final.

The next A Final for NZ which was the M4+ saw Joshua Vodanovich, Blake Bradshaw, Seth Hope, Zackary Rumble and Ella Greenslade also get sixth.

It was fifth for the W2- crew of Sally Wylaars and Amelia Barrell in the B Final and a win for our W4x crew of Brooke Kilmister, Olivia Hay, Veronica Wall and Kathryn Glen in the B Final.

In the C Final of the M1x Kobe Miller finished fourth.

In the last race of Day 5, the LM2x C Final, Logan Docherty and Reuben Cook came fourth