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​Mental Health and Well-Being in Coaches - With Rod Corban

27 Sep 2022
07:30 pm

27 Sep 2022 - 27 Sep 2022
07:30 pm - 08:30 pm
New Zealand

Mental Health and Well-Being in Coaches

Rod Corban

Recently there has been much attention paid to mental health and well-being in sport, although primarily focused on athletes. Coaches have a massive impact on the athletes they coach, thus coach well-being, ironically, also plays a role in athlete well-being. Beyond that, coaching is often challenging for the individual's wellbeing and often leads to many people withdrawing from the realm of coaching; and without coaches, we have no athletes. Thus, this seminar will focus on mental health and well-being with a specific focus on helping coaches to thrive and be well in environments that are often challenging. Feel free to bring your own thoughts, experience and questions, as between us all we may have some answers!

Dr Rod Corban is a registered psychologist who has over 30 years of experience as an academic in the field of psychology and has worked in high performance sport in NZ since 2004. He has attended Olympic and Paralympic Games as a psychologist for the last four cycles. Rod has worked in sports such as rowing, cycling, hockey, netball, Paralympics and cricket. Most recently he had the privilege of being a part of the Silver Ferns World Cup winning campaign of 2019 and continues in his role as the lead psychologist for Netball NZ. He specialises in supporting athletes, coaches and all individuals to perform as human beings in all contexts of their lives, to pursue the things they care about, laugh and be well.