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The sport of rowing in New Zealand is dependent on a large, dedicated group of volunteers who undertake roles from coaching to regatta support.  Without the support of thousands of such volunteers in New Zealand, our sport would not be able to function.

Our sport’s current volunteer base come from many different backgrounds, many of whom were new to the sport when they first volunteered. 

Volunteer roles are varied in skill and time required – some volunteer coaches dedicate hundreds of hours each season to their school or club, while others volunteer their time to the preparation and running of rowing regattas. 

Some volunteers assist with tasks such as transporting athletes to and from training and competition, while others use their professional expertise to help in areas such as club or school logistics. 

There are many volunteer positions required at regattas including boat driving and commentating. 

If you wish to volunteer, please contact your local club or school, or regatta hosts Karāpiro Rowing and South Island Rowing

South Island Rowing's Volunteer Team App can also be downloaded here