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Registering, Licensing & Transferring Rowers

Each year clubs and schools need to register new and re-register existing members. This process is undertaken by the club’s Key Person identified on Rowing NZ's database.

If you need to update the club Key Person because you have had a personnel change, please contact Kate Adams.

Wherever possible, clubs and schools should include all their members, coaches, life members and volunteers within their registrations.

Registering members beyond just rowers ensures that all members of your club are kept up to date with information from Rowing NZ, and are accurately recorded for your club's historic purposes.

There is no cost to registering members with your club, however fees are applicable to all registered rowers who are granted Rowing NZ race licenses.

A Rowing NZ race license is required by rowers who race in licensable regattas. The following are licensable regattas:

  • New Zealand Rowing Championships
  • New Zealand Masters Championships
  • New Zealand University Championships
  • North Island Championships
  • South Island Championships
  • Jury Cup Whanganui
  • Wellington Provincial Championships
  • Canterbury Championships
  • Otago Championships
  • Karapiro Christmas Regatta
  • North Island Junior Regatta
  • South Island Junior Regatta

Instructions on how to register new and re-register existing members, and to apply a race license to rowers, can be downloaded below.


Where a club/school has a new member who has previously rowed with another New Zealand club/school, they will need to be transferred from their previous club/school.

This member will require confirmation in writing from their previous club/school of their release.  Please email Kate Adams to undertake this process.