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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Coaches gain experience in their trade in many different ways. Rowing New Zealand wants to encourage all coaches to continue with their learning and development at a level appropriate to each individual. Previous learning, however achieved, can significantly contribute towards a person’s level of coaching competency. It is important to acknowledge coaches prior learning and experiences to ensure that RNZ can offer each person an area of development.

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible for RPL if they feel they have a qualification or experience which is covered in one of the courses and therefore would not gain any benefit from attending the workshops.

How does it work?

Rowing NZ Coach Education:

The RNZ database has recorded those who have been completing the RNZ education modules over recent years. They will be adapted as necessary. If you are unsure of where your current coaching qualifications place you or believe you have another level of qualification you would like recognised, contact the Rowing New Zealand Coach Development Manager. For those who have been attending the previous RNZ coaching modules the cross over is outlined below.

  • If you have completed the New Coach level, Developing Coach Level 1 or 2 you will be able to access the extension opportunities and online modules of your choice.

Other Qualifications:

Other qualifications such as University qualifications, international qualifications and Old Rowing Level 1-3 may also be recognised. Coaches with these qualifications who meet RNZ’s behavioural expectations will be able to access the extension opportunities.

How to receive RPL?

You may have previous coaching qualifications such as:

  • Previous RNZ Coaching Certificate
  • Rowing Coach certificates from another country
  • Sport Related Coaching Certificate
  • Relevant Sports Degree
  • Sport NZ workshops

If you believe you have prior learning which has assisted you as a rowing coach you will need to complete the RPL template on the RNZ website and send through to the Coach Development Manager along with supporting documents.

These prior qualifications can also be added to your online ePortfolio on RNZ Live.