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2023 Coaching courses

Rowing NZ will deliver coaching courses again in 2023.  These are delivered between May and November when coaches and coach developers have more time available. 

Our two main modules, Introduction and development, are delivered either online or in-person. 

Rowing 101, our online module as part of the New Coach Award, is currently available HERE.

Introduction to Coaching Rowing Module

The Introduction to Coaching Rowing Module is a six-hour workshop in total to assist those who are new to coaching rowing with the basics of getting started as a coach.

Time commitment:

  • In-person 6 hours over one day (usually a Sunday)
  • Online
    • Three consecutive weekday evenings 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm (Zoom)
  • Approximately 6 hours total

Cost: $25

New Coach Award: As a new coach, once you have completed Rowing 101, Boat Safety, and the Introduction Module you will achieve the New Coach Award and be eligible to access the extension opportunities and go on to the Development Coach Award.

Development Module

The Development Module is a full day workshop looking specifically at components around providing for a development rower. Some facilitators may split this module into two days to allow time for all topics to be covered and flow of group discussions.

Time commitment:

  • In-person 
    • Development workshop one full day approx. 8 hours (usually a Sunday)
  • Online
    • Four consecutive weekday evenings 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm (Zoom)

Approximate total time: 8 hours

Cost: $75

Development Coach Award: When a coach completes the Boat Safety Course and the Development Module they achieve the Development Coach Award.

NB: A coach does not need to complete the Introduction Module in order to attend the Development Module, however it is recommended that coaches complete courses appropriate to their level of experience and complete Intro first unless you have prior learning or have coached for more than two years.

For upcoming coaching development courses, please see our Calendar.

Jared Cummings - Coach Development Manager - coachdevelopment@rowingnz.kiwi