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Para-Rowing is rowing for people with physical, intellectual or sensory impairments and takes that name because the plant and coaching techniques are adapted. 

Para-Rowing is sweep rowing or sculling and there are three sport classes offered within Para Rowing:

  • Legs, Trunk, and Arms (PR3)
  • Trunk, and Arms (PR2)
  • Arms, and Shoulders (PR1)

Para-Rowing, or Sculling, is rowing for athletes with a disability who must meet the criteria set out in the Para-Rowing classification regulations.  Adaptive implies that the equipment is adapted to the user to practice the sport, rather than the sport being adapted to the user.

Basic techniques of Para-Rowing are the same as rowing for the able-bodied.  Participants learn the elements of the stroke: drive, recovery, catch, and finish.

At the elite level, Para-Rowing is open to male and female athletes, and is divided into four boat classes which are included in FISAs World Championship programme and races are held over 1,000m.  New Zealand has had two para-rowing representatives including Robin Tinga and Danny McBride. 

For more information regarding Para-Rowing at the elite level - please see the World Rowing website.

There are a number of clubs that offer Para-Rowing around New Zealand.  If you are interested or know of somebody who might like to try out the sport contact Kate Adams and we will put you in touch with somebody in your area.

You can also have a look at the Halberg Disability Foundation All Sports Webpage.  This website will show you which clubs are offering Para-Rowing in New Zealand.