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History of the Maadi Cup

History of School Rowing and the birth of the Maadi Cup

School rowing in New Zealand began in 1885 when a group of Wanganui Collegiate boys first jumped in a four at the Wanganui Rowing Club; this school boy four would later race a Wanganui club crew the following year.

Inter-school rowing started at the Wellington Regatta in 1889 when Wanganui Collegiate, Wellington College and St Patrick's College entered a fours race over one mile.  Wanganui Collegiate won by three-quarters of a length.

Meanwhile in the South Island, school rowing had also commenced with Christchurch Boys' High School rowing out of the Canterbury Rowing Club in 1897, followed by Christ's College in 1913, and Waitaki Boys' High School began at the Oamaru Rowing Club in 1907.

Auckland joined school rowing much later in 1936 when Mt Albert Grammar School and Sacred Heart College were based at the West End Rowing Club and Waitemata Rowing Club respectively.  But progress was rapid and soon four-oared races were taking place between the schools.

The Maadi Cup was first raced for in 1947 and was first won by Mt Albert Grammar School at a regatta in Wanganui.  The Maadi Cup itself was donated as a token of friendship by Dr Youssef Bahgat, of the Cairo Rowing Club, Egypt, to the winners of a points competition between the Maadi Camp Rowing Club (the base of the Kiwi oarsmen of the Second N.Z.E.F.) and the Cairo Rowing Club.  The Kiwis won this competition in 1943, 11 points to six after winning the open eights and fours and the novice pairs.  

Soon after the win the Maadi Camp Rowing Club Captain gifted the cup to the New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association and stated that the cup is to be used to foster inter-schoolboy eight-oared rowing for annual competition as a challenge cup.  The cup was hereafter renamed the Maadi Cup and the illustrious competition was born. 

Maadi Cup Winners List

1947  Mount Albert Grammar School

1948  Scared Heart College

1949  Wanganui Technical School

1950  Wanganui Technical School

1951  Mount Albert Grammar School

1952  Wanganui Collegiate School

1953  King’s College

1954  Mount Albert Grammar School

1955  Mount Albert Grammar School

1956  Mount Albert Grammar School

1957  Mount Albert Grammar School

1958  Mount Albert Grammar School

1959  King’s College

1960  King’s College

1961  Mount Albert Grammar School

1962  New Plymouth Boys’ High School

1963  Wanganui Collegiate School

1964  Wanganui Collegiate School

1965  Wanganui Collegiate School

1966  Wanganui Collegiate School

1967  Wanganui Collegiate School

1968  Wanganui Collegiate School

1969  Wanganui Collegiate School

1970  Hamilton Boys’ High School

1971  Wanganui Collegiate School

1972  Wanganui High School

1973  Wanganui Collegiate School

1974  Wanganui Collegiate School

1975  Fraser High School

1976  Westlake Boys’ High School

1977  Wanganui Collegiate School

1978  Tauranga Boys’ College

1979  Tauranga Boys’ College

1980  Tauranga Boys’ College

1981  Tauranga Boys’ College

1982  Tauranga Boys’ College

1983  Westlake Boys’ High School

1984  Westlake Boys’ High School

1985  Wanganui Collegiate School

1986  Wanganui Collegiate School

1987  Hamilton Boys’ High School

1988  Christ’s College

1989  Christ’s College

1990  Christ’s College

1991  St Bede’s College

1992  Auckland Grammar School

1993  Christ’s College

1994  Tauranga Boys’ College

1995  Christ’s College

1996  Christ’s College

1997  Tauranga Boys’ College

1998  Christ’s College

1999  Christ’s College

2000  Wanganui Collegiate School

2001  Wanganui Collegiate School

2002  St Paul’s Collegiate School

2003  St Paul’s Collegiate School

2004  Wanganui Collegiate School

2005  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2006  Christ’s College

2007  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2008  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2009  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2010  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2011  Auckland Grammar School

2012  Christ’s College

2013  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2014  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2015  Hamilton Boys’ High School

2016  Christ’s College

2017  St Andrew’s College

2018  Christ’s College

2019  Christchurch Boys’ High School

2020  Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic

2021  Christ’s College

2022  Hamilton Boys’ High School