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Rowing NZ's Elite Team Waikato River Authority Initiatives

  • 17 Jun 2020

Rowing NZ's elite team are proud to be sponsored by the Waikato River Authority and proud to lead the way in New Zealand rowing for best practise around water care. Their team kit displays Waikato River Authority branding, and they are proud to be Waikato River Authority ambassadors both domestically and internationally. 

The team has undertaken the following initiatives to spread awareness of the need to restore and protect the health and well-being of the Waikato River, and all of New Zealand's rowing water-ways:

  • Wearing team kit that displays prominent Waikato River Authority branding 
  • Attending the Aon Maadi Cup and encouraging secondary school athletes to sign Waikato River Authority water-care pledges encouraging water-care practises both at Lake Karapiro and at their home training waters 
  • Publishing content on social media to inform and encourage the domestic rowing community, and all users of the Waikato River, to play their part in protecting and restoring the river
  • Creating content on the need to protect and restore the Waikato River for Rowing NZ and national media publication 
  • Visiting Waikato rowing clubs and schools to share Waikato River Authority's vision and strategy, and advice on how young athletes can contribute to the health of the Waikato River
  • Washing their boats and equipment thoroughly after use, especially when transporting to other lakes or rivers - and and only using biodegradable cleaning agents
  • Minimising boat-shed water consumption at the Rowing NZ Gallagher High Performance Centre at Lake Karapiro
  • Keeping plastic bottles secure in boats while out on the water, and taking care to not disturb wildlife with noise or boat wake.

If you would like Rowing NZ's elite team to speak to your association, club or school about the Waikato River Authority and our team's approach to water-care on the Waikato River, please contact media@rowingnz.kiwi