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Protecting and Preserving our Local Environment

  • 17 Jun 2020

The facts

  • Water is the one natural resource that all life on our planet depends upon
  • 1.1 billion people don't have access to safe drinking water 
  • Fresh water is needed by more than just water-sports: flora, fauna and agriculture depend on it
  • The sport of rowing depends on having access to safe waters to train and compete on
  • New Zealand rowers have a responsibility to adopt environmentally sustainable approaches to water usage, and a responsibility to educate others to follow suit. 

What can you do this season to help?

  • Teach others about the importance of protecting your local training waters
  • Educate others about ways they too can help preserve the environment 
  • Instigate rubbish collections from waterways and surrounding land
  • Speak to your club captain about implementing a clean water policy for your club
  • Promote your initiatives on social media and club newsletters 
  • Integrate a clean water theme for your regattas and educate officials, athletes, volunteers and supporters on ways they can assist. 

What can you do right now to help? 

  • Wash boats and equipment thoroughly, especially if transporting to another lake or river
  • Minimise boat-shed water consumption 
  • Use biodegradable cleaning agents, and sparingly 
  • Recycle wherever possible 
  • Maintain equipment to contain fuel/oil spills
  • Refuel away from waterways 
  • Have a plan and equipment to deal with accidental fuel spillages 
  • Be aware of sensitive habitats while on the water
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife with noise or boat wake while on the water
  • Avoid causing shoreline erosion while on the water
  • Keep bottles etc. secured in boats
  • Find restoration projects underway in your area and offer to help with planting days etc.